Kim Kardashian Is Being Body-Shamed in This Bikini Photo

Kim Kardashian Is Being Body Shamed in This Bikini Photo ,yes that’s Real and you will see it with you’re own eyes on the photos in this Article


Shortly after Kim posted the picture on Twitter and Instagram, fans zoomed into her feet to point out her “nasty” yellow manicure. The comments ranged from people comparing Kim’s toenails to “popcorn kernels” and “gangrene” to those who recommended her medication to clear her “fungus.” Others teased Kim for being wealthy yet neglecting to give her feet a pedicure.


Like many fans have pointed out, it’s also important to note that, no matter how frivolous toes-shaming can sound, it’s still body-shaming, and regardless of what Kim’s feet look like, they’re her feet and she shouldn’t be made to feel bad about them. Kim’s Instagram was meant to celebrate her body—not shame it. Besides, judging from the vacation photos she has shared since Toegate, we’re going to assume that she has better things to do than to listen to the pedicure police.


She seems to be brushing off the unairbrushed photos. Fortunately, Kim is a pretty tough girl and is used to people making fun of her and picking on her. While it’s true that many people who are in the public eye like Kim have to deal with bullying all of the time, not every person is as tough as Kim K.

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