15 Pictures That Will Confuse Millennials, But Not Generation Z-ers

Listen: If you’re a Gen Z-er, I love you guys — I’m not hatin’. I’m just happy I’m a millennial. So don’t get mad!

VH1 / Via VH1

Also, I’m not saying every Gen Z-er is the same.

1. I could never keep up with the Snapchat streaks.

2. Not even a drastic update will stop them from maintaining their streaks:

3. Like, their Snapchat game is insane:


4. As well as their Instagram + VSCO combo game.

5. I could never stan Logan Paul:

6. And I’m too old to stan Jacob Sartorius.


8. And I don’t think I could ever stan Soundcloud rappers like Gen Z-ers do.

9. And I could never be a Musical.ly user. It’s too much.


10. I could never maintain a finsta:

11. I’d never have the guts to say this to a teacher:

12. Or take my high school senior pics like this:

13. And, like, only a Gen Z-er would break up with someone like this!

14. I’d never be mad about losing this type of argument:

15. And lastly, I could never do what this Gen Z-er did to go viral:

(Ok, yes, millennials are guilty of this shit, too. But come on.)

(Ok, yes, millennials are guilty of this shit, too. But come on.)

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